The Landmark Flagship Display Gallery in St Leonards Interactive Technologies were designed,
supplied and installed by Harvey Norman Commercial Smart Technologies in conjunction with
Vantage Interactive to showcase the future Luxurious residences. In order to truly show this
vision the display suite boasts an impressive immersion room where the prospective buyers
can sit in comfort surrounded by a 3 projector system and surround sound blending audio,
video and images to take you on the visual journey with the Architect and Developers.

Flowing through into an Apartment and Penthouse Apartment display with a projector
system projecting floor plans, layouts and offering a sneak peek into the spectacular
views stretching from Sydney Harbour across the North Shore to Middle Harbour as
if you were actually standing within the selected apartment. The display suite also
boasts interactive TV screens as well as the future of apartment living with the latest
cutting edge automation technology and voice control throughout.