Smart Technology


Our Home Automation team wants to place the power in your hands by allowing you to set the perfect scene every time.

Gone are the days of having to turn your lights on and off manually from the wall. With our custom designed integrated automation systems, your lights can be pre-set and activate automatically for any scene at home.


The best home control systems are the ones where you actually feel in control. Our Smart Home control range includes the well known Clipsal C-Bus wall switches and touchscreens.

The C-Bus system has been around for over 25 years now and continually is innovating with the latest technology. You’ll have complete control of your home via wall mounted switches and touchscreens that are easy to use and look great.


With the latest wireless communication protocols available this has started a new wireless automation revolution. Integrating automation with wireless communication protocols has bestowed a greater flexibility and enabled accessibility for anyone to create a smart home.

With the ability to retrofit using existing electrical infrastructure you are are able to scale and install as many or as little automation products to start you on your journey.

C- Bus

Intelligent C-Bus home control systems

The best home control systems are the ones where you actually feel in control! Our smart home control range includes C-Bus® Wall Switches and Touchscreens. You'll have complete control of your home via wall-mounted switches and touchscreens. They're easy-to-use and they look great! Oh, and we'll let you choose the style and colour to suit your tastes.


Voice control can bring to life the possibility of controlling, monitoring and scheduling all kinds of devices in your home. Voice control will compliment the lifestyles of those who wish to streamline their day to day activities while on the run or at home


Block out the heat of the sun or embrace the warmth of the moon with automated motorised blinds. With our extensive home automation options- your blinds can be integrated to be a part of your smart eco-system. Thats right! With a touch of a button or a simple voice command you can control all your smart blinds in your home.


Whether you are in your living room in the middle of winter or relaxing at the beach on a hot summers day, you have the power of climate control right in your hands.

Using your smart phone/device or voice control, you can adjust your homes climate system to suit you- anywhere, anytime.


A keyless entry system allows you to secure your home without using the traditional mechanical key and lock. These locks are activated and disarmed using keypad, touchscreen, fingerprint & even your smart device.


Home Security is always something of concern and we believe it should be taken very seriously. By utilising our security, CCTV, lighting and home automation systems via your smart device- you can take control and view your home from anywhere in the world! This will give you the peace of mind and ability to take action if required.


Provide whole or partial access to certain areas of the building for your residents, visitors & guests via use of remote, card, code or facial recognition.


These days, Wi-Fi is one of the most important things inside your home. From computers to TVs, Smartphones, Tablets and smart appliances; if you don’t have a good wifi system you won’t have a happy family. Whether your home is big or small we will provide the best solution to keep your home office, entertainment system or integrated technologies online and running smoothly.


With the latest developments of digital and wireless technologies, more and more devices are becoming available to assist people who suffer from physical, mental, hearing, voice and language impairments. This technology allows them to live without constant need for assistance from a carer and provides a new sense of independence.