Commercial Audio Visual


Let us help you capture every opportunity by adding the wow-factor to your space with a flexible and informative tool that has a variety of visual formats such as sharp static images, scrolling text, motion graphics and superior video quality.

By having the option of LED Digital Signage, give yourself an opportunity to stand out, better communicate your promotions and increase consumer engagement.


Bring colour and contrast to your foyer, gallery, pub/club or showroom with a large colourful digital display unit that will turn heads from every angle.

Display clear eye-catching information as well as showcase visuals for any application you may have.


Watch movies/live TV, hold presentations or even play video games with a complete outdoor projection system designed to thrive beyond your 4 walls.

Experience crisper colours, brighter whites and darker blacks with robust equipment that can handle even the harshest of climates.


With a completely customisable and professionally designed media room/AV system integrated into your buildings amenities, your residents will have direct access to Hollywood right on their doorsteps.

Media Rooms integrated into residential towers give another amazing point of difference to prospective residents when choosing where to buy an apartment.


PA systems can be used to play music and communicate announcements across entire campuses, work places and many different venues such as gyms and aged care facilities.

From simple set ups for common area assemblies to complex solutions, there is a system that we can design to make your space sound it’s best.


Improve communication and productivity throughout your workplace, office, warehouse or loading dock with a network based Multi-Room Pager System.

Faster and more flexible than traditional analog systems as well as eliminating the need for separate voice and data networks.


Video Conferencing can be a great way to communicate with clients and colleagues in a more natural and intuitive way.

Recent advances in technology have helped this medium become easily accessible and affordable to serve the modern work place.


Alongside existing PA Systems or Sound Systems the law states the you must install Hearing Augmentation system. These systems can be implemented even more affordably now than ever before.

The hearing loop installed provides a magnetic wireless signal that is picked up by hearing aids in the correct setting, removing noise and reverberation from the listener’s response.

There are also IR and RF versions available to work within any space to meet with compliance and accessibility laws.


Why buy a commercial TV over a consumer version ?

  • 3 year commercial use warranty
  • RF tuner to pick up broadcast signals
  • Security and privacy features to protect the user’s personal data
  • Customisable TV interface
  • Control via RS232
  • Built in scheduler / timer
  • IPTV ready